Hi there

This is Angelos a geography student in University College London (UCL) and this blog is all about geography. The idea behind movability is that being able to move around, adapt and explore different parts of the world (whether that is going down the street to the nearest park or hoping onto a different continent) is key to comprehending geographical concepts. I will therefore capture my experiences of ‘moving around’, in both an informal manner (Exploration) and a slightly more academic one (Research).

Aim of movability is to inspire young geographers and students of related fields, to get outside and seek knowledge but also to provide them with an online source of ideas and case studies for use in their everyday life. If you are in high school and considering to follow geography as your university major then this is the place for you to take a sneak peek of what it is like studying geography in tertiary education.

I hope you find this blog useful and I am really interested in your opinion and suggestions so please leave a comment below.


Angelos A.

You can also find me in: Google+, Twitter and Linkedin.

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